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Tech Tuesday: Bb’s Adaptive Release Combined with a Syllabus Quiz–Powerful!

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Is the syllabus really an integral part of your course? Does knowledge of the syllabus actually improve student performance? Yesterday’s post described some of the things that faculty put into a “Start Here” or “Getting Started” orientation module, today, let’s take a closer look at a syllabus quiz, and why that might be included in …

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Tech Tuesday – What Technology Do You Want to Learn More About?

We need your input so we can create the quick tip sheets, tutorials, webinars and training materials that you need. Please take a minute to select up to 5 topics that you are MOST INTERESTED in learning more about. Note, this is Tech Tuesday, so these topics are all technology related. If we’ve missed a technology that …

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Tech Tuesday – Healthy Computer Ergonomics

We all know that correct posture, regular breaks and proper adjustment of equipment can help prevent stresses on our bodies, carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems, and back or neck pain. But we also get busy or lazy and forget these things until our bodies remind us! Tina found this quick YouTube video with basic tips …

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Tech Tuesday – Google Search Tricks

How many hours a day or a week do you spend (or should we say waste) searching for something using Google? How often do you give up without finding the information that you were hoping to find? Check out the 13 tips below and see if your search results don’t hit the target with better accuracy …

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Tech Tuesday – Infographics

Last Friday we playfully mentioned infographics and said that they were a powerful way to display information. You may have noticed infographics being used more frequently on some of your favorite websites and blogs. They are easy to create and can incorporate graphics and colors to make them appealing and interesting. Critical Thinking Via Infographics …

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Tech Tuesday – Twitter

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Think Twitter is just a waste of time? Think again. Its organizational structure makes it an effective tool for connecting with students and others online. Are you a Twitter skeptic or wary of the technology? Read How Twitter Can Be Used as a Powerful Educational Tool written by Alan November and Brian Mull and put …

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Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday: Higher Ed Tools for 2015

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Soon we’ll be into our Winter break and you’ll want to be getting ready for 2015! Hard to imagine it’s almost the end of the year. Here’s an article that Nicole came across that might help you look into the future: 13 higher ed tech tools and approaches to watch in 2015. Hope you find …

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Tech Tuesday: Locating “Free” Images


You may have noticed that we credit frequently for the images that we post on the FLC blog. These photos are high quality, but come at a cost. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase photos and clipart there are still photo and clipart repositories where you can find free images. However, be …

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Tech Tuesday – Your Turn


This week we’d like you to share a tech tip! Do you have a tech tool, a method, or a shortcut that makes your teaching more efficient or effective? Have you found a fun app or add-on that you enjoy using? If so, please share in the comments below!     Photo credit: