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Infographics – A Chance to Receive a Free Piktochart Account!

Last week’s Tech Tuesday’s topic was on infographics so when I came across this offer I had to share! If you haven’t tried creating an infographic yet, here’s an incentive for you. Piktochart is giving away $150,000 in Edu Pro accounts to classrooms for their 3rd year anniversary! Throughout March, Piktochart will be giving out …

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Tech Tuesday – Infographics

Last Friday we playfully mentioned infographics and said that they were a powerful way to display information. You may have noticed infographics being used more frequently on some of your favorite websites and blogs. They are easy to create and can incorporate graphics and colors to make them appealing and interesting. Critical Thinking Via Infographics …

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Fried Friday: World Seem a Bit Crazy These Days?

Do you believe in global warming? Believe that we’re on the brink of nuclear destruction? Comet going to hit the planet sometime soon? Enjoy the following infographic Apocalypse When? A Visual Guide to Doomsday Possibilities. I share this not only for a fun Fried Friday post, but also to underscore the power in presenting information …

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Copyright Simplified

Infographic on Copyright

Maureen came across a great article today on making the complexities of copyright easier to understand. We encourage you to click on the Infographic here to read the article Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Yes? No? If This… Then … And, speaking of infographics– aren’t they popping up everywhere? Don’t you enjoy using them? …

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