Feb 17

Tech Tuesday – Healthy Computer Ergonomics

We all know that correct posture, regular breaks and proper adjustment of equipment can help prevent stresses on our bodies, carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems, and back or neck pain. But we also get busy or lazy and forget these things until our bodies remind us! Tina found this quick YouTube video with basic tips for adults and children using laptops at home, work or school. Click play to see how a few, simple modifications can make a big difference!



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  1. Kathi Baldwin

    Oh oh– I think that guy’s back looks like mine!

  2. mmpurvis

    Nifty illustration of things we need to deal with to keep our spines in line. I changed my desk in January so that my mouse is level with my keyboard. It has had a huge effect on my back!

  3. Maren Haavig

    This was great – thank you! I shared with my distance students – crediting the FLC of course 🙂

    1. Nicole Duclos

      Great! Be sure to share the Tips for Student Success blog with them as well. We added a smartphone ergonomics post today.

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