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Knowing Technology

Are students just out of High School more tech savvy than older, non-traditional students? Many have this perception! Young students may have grown up with technology, but do they know the technology we use in our on-line classes? Blackboard, Adobe Presenter, VoiceThread, even PowerPoint can become challenging if the student has never used it before. …

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Flash Video Content

Adobe Flash is a platform that has been around since the early 2000’s and was instrumental in making multimedia accessible.  It was incorporated into many programs and helped make streaming video easier.  Unfortunately, Flash also has had security issues, so Adobe is discontinuing Flash at the end of 2020. Some Browsers are already blocking Flash …

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Top Tools for Learning 2019

Here is the yearly list of tools that are used for learning in education as ranked by peers around the world who took the survey in the Spring of this year.  This is the 13th year that Jane Hart (from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies) has compiled the list and not only gives …

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Cell Phones in the Classroom?

Have you seen cell phones in the classroom? This can be distracting to student learning, but you might not know the extent of the distraction!! Although smartphones are great way to access information, and a way to connect to each other, it is found that they limit our cognitive ability.  It’s not just the use, …

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Are you looking for a “simple to use” video communication tool that can enhance teacher to student, and student to student presence? FlipGrid might be the tool you’re looking for. FlipGrid is easy to use, and it’s Free!!! You can set the topic and then your students can respond in a video message that is …

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Free Webinar – Rockin’ the Virtual Classroom!

January 26, 2016 10:00 am – 11:15 am AK time Begin Registration… Virtual classroom technology (ILinc, Adobe Connect, WebEx, Elluminate, etc.) provides a wonderful live, real-time bridge between the traditional classroom and the learner. But it isn’t “just like” the traditional classroom, and in the wrong hands can be deadly dull. In this session we’ll …

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Tech Tuesday – VoiceThread

VoiceThread Fall Workhsops

VoiceThread is offering some free workshops this fall to help you get started using the tool and to focus on how it can enhance communication in your current classroom. These workshops cover both the pedagogy and the how-to aspects of the tool. What exactly is VoiceThread? It’s a cloud-based tool (no software to download) that …

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UAS Blackboard Collaborate Fall 2015

UAS faculty have the option to adopt the new Blackboard Collaborate version this fall (all classes will be using it this Spring). The new version requires a one time installation of a “Launcher” program by both faculty and students – most people will be able to install it even without administrative privileges – a few …

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Tech Tuesday – Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor


Using a second monitor increases productivity, makes cutting and pasting easier, allows for side-by-side comparison, and more! Many of us may have two monitors in the office but what about at home? If you already own an iPad this may be an inexpensive solution to a second screen. Below are two apps that allow you …

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Tech Tuesday – Freebie

Click to get free account

To celebrate back to school, PowToon is giving away free classroom accounts! With PowToon “you can create professional animated lesson plans, coursework and presentations…” Click the image below to learn more and get your free account! PowToon has numerous templates to use for your project and excellent training videos. You can share your projects via …

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