Tech Tuesday – Your Turn


This week we’d like you to share a tech tip! Do you have a tech tool, a method, or a shortcut that makes your teaching more efficient or effective? Have you found a fun app or add-on that you enjoy using? If so, please share in the comments below!



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  1. Dr. Lee Graham and I use twitter in our Classroom Research courses #seaccr as a networking tool for students. We have a weekly Twitter chat to support learning for this asynchronous course. Students report that our Twitter chats are the best part of the course. They learn to ask and answer questions of each other and as a result, the course is student centered and develops leadership skills. You can read our paper about the process,
    An app I find useful is Pocket, When I find a resource I want to use in a course or share with students I don’t have to stop right then and copy and paste it or try to save it some other way. I just drop it in MyPocket and I can come back to it later. I can read items in MyPocket from any of my devices so I can get caught up when traveling!.

    1. Thanks for sharing Anne! I’ve been reading how educators are using Twitter in the classroom and it’s on our list for a future Tech Tuesday post.

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