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Tech Tuesday – Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor


Using a second monitor increases productivity, makes cutting and pasting easier, allows for side-by-side comparison, and more! Many of us may have two monitors in the office but what about at home? If you already own an iPad this may be an inexpensive solution to a second screen. Below are two apps that allow you …

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Tech Tuesday – Sept 16

iPads can support your teaching, help lighten your load when you travel, help you take notes during conferences, provide a way to check mail, compile data, research your content area, and more. Did you know Title III has iPads available to UAS Sitka faculty for check out? If you would like to check one out, please email Mary …

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Fried Friday: It’s as Easy as 1, 2 and 3!

Steps to make a website an icon

Attention all iPad users. Do you have a favorite website that you visit? Do you wish you had an icon on your desktop so you could just click on it and it would take you right there? Tina, our newest Instructional Designer for Title III provides this Fried Friday tip: Navigate to your favorite website …

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iPads for UAS Sitka Faculty

Some of you have been using iPad’s that we purchased a few years ago for faculty check-out. These devices have supported your teaching, helped lighten your load when you travel, helped you take notes during conferences, provided a way to check mail, compile data, research your content area, and more. In short, they have become …

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Guest Post from KPC Faculty

Blooms Taxonomy

Susan Mircovich, Chemistry Faculty for KPC, recently attended the Sloan-C 6th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning in Las Vegas. She shares the following resource links with us. Lots of good information here. Thank you Susan! Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Whitepaper and presentation slides, Veronica Diaz Educause – http://tinyurl.com/worktech Affordable Learning Solutions …

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