Sep 30

Tech Tuesday: Livescribe Smartpens

livescribe penThis week we’re featuring the Livescribe Smartpen, available for checkout in the IDC. The Livescribe Smartpen captures everything you hear in a meeting room, lecture or work-group. While you are drawing a diagram or drawing symbols or shapes, it is capturing the discussion that went into that drawing. All of these notes can then be transferred to either Mac or PC and are accessible and searchable by iPhone or iPad.

The pen captures the audio in a room quite nicely and the special interactive notebook paper synchronizes the pen’s audio with what you capture on paper. Quite an amazing bridge between “old style” note-taking and “new style” interactive technology!

We invite you to give the Livescribe Smartpens a try. Bring it to the next TLTR meeting or campus/department meeting and see how you like it. There are many applications besides note-taking for these smartpens as well as some how-to articles at 12 Ways Educators and Students are Using the Pen Today. While many of these are K12 examples, they might generate some ideas for your use of these pens, beyond capturing meeting minutes.

Interested UAS Sitka Faculty can stop by the IDC and check one out. Let us know how you use the pen!


Don’t forget the Faculty Challenge – Faculty Presence!

Sep 26

Fried Friday: Invisible Faculty? Not This Math Instructor!

This week we’ve been Click to view videotalking about creating your online persona. Sometimes students complain that they don’t feel their professor is active or visible in the course. We hope that you never hear complaints about your course or your sense of presence in your classroom.

We thought you might enjoy the clever way this math instructor introduces his topic of “Imaginary Numbers” to his classroom. After watching this video, I think you’d agree that this instructor made an impression on his students. We hope you enjoy this funny video and we look forward to seeing your submissions to the Creating Your Online Persona Challenge.

Click image to view the video.

While you may not create something this elaborate, there are so many ways that you might invest a little time for that huge pay-off, having your students really connect with you even if they never meet you face-to-face.You might enjoy looking at some of the examples posted in a PPT presentation created by Bill Phillips, University of Omaha. He provides many excellent ideas and a variety of examples. The Online Teaching Persona.

And don’t forget to send in your submission for the FLC Faculty Challenge on Creating Your Sense of Presence. You can scroll down for the post describing the challenge. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to call Kathi/Maureen/Nicole or Tina. We’ll be voting next week, so get your submissions in soon! You can click the banner to view submissions as they are submitted.

Click for exmaples


Sep 25

Professional Development Opportunity

newspaper imageSitka Title III will cover the tuition costs for UAS faculty to take Quality Matters’ Applying the Quality Matters Rubric course. This online course is intended to increase your understanding of the QM rubric and of the peer review process.

The UAS Peer Review for Course Improvement committee requires this course of all who are interested in becoming official course reviewers. Once faculty have taken this two week online course and learned to use a rubric to evaluate an online course and provide meaningful feedback, they are eligible to participate in the Peer Review of a UAS course.

Although the course is asynchronous, the course must be completed in the two week period and takes about 4-6 hours a week. The dates available are:

  • October 28 – November 11
  • November 4 – November 18
  • November 11 – November 25

Send an email to Mary Purvis prior to October 6 if you’d like to take this course and let her know the dates that work for you.

Image credit: iStockPhoto: BrianAJackson

Sep 24

Faculty Presence — a FLC Faculty Challenge!

Crowd of peopleFaculty presence is crucial for both online and face-to-face courses. This topic is so important that there are many books and articles written on the subject. A book we often recommend at iTeach is Rosemary Lehman’s “Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching: How to ‘Be There’ for Distance Learners.”  In her book Ms. Lehman describes faculty presence as looking and feeling, to your students, that you are present and accessible in your course. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this.

Recent technological advances have made video a tool often used to create a sense of presence. But there are many other tools that help us convey this same sense of being present and interested in the learner.

In this week’s Faculty Learning Corner Challenge we’d like to see what YOU are using to establish your online persona.
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Sep 23

Tech Tuesday – Sept 22

Today’s Tech Tuesday introduces you to the Google Chrome extension ‘Search the Current Site’. This simple toolbar button allows you to search all the pages of a website, not just the page you are on.

Search any site you’re on by the simple click of a button. The search is done not only on the 1 page you are viewing at the time you click as [Ctrl]+[F] does but instead Google is used to “site search” within ALL pages of the site. Search websites the easy way!

search tool

Right click on the extension and you can customize these options:

customize options

Chrome users can add the extension from the Chrome Web Store. For Firefox users, you can install the add-on from Mozilla’s Add-Ons page.

Sep 22

Congratulations to Math Trafton, our FLC Banner Challenge Winner!

America’s voted, well, perhaps that’s a bit of a streeeeeetchhhhh. But the votes are in and tallied and congratulations go to all of our participants for enriching their student Blackboard course sites with these creative banners. And, special congratulations to Math Trafton for winning our first ever FLC Banner Challenge! You’ll be hearing from us shortly Math.

Math Trafton Banner Winner

First impressions are important so having a course banner is a great way to make a good first impression. But that’s not all. What about your sense of presence? How do you create an online persona so your students feel like they know you and are connected with the course and their learning? SPOILER ALERT!!! 

During the next two weeks we’d like you to share with us ways that you insert yourself into the online classroom. You might want to read Rob Kelly’s Creating a Sense of Instructor Presence in the Online Classroom to get some ideas on ways you can increase your persona, your social presence and your instructional presence. Stay tuned for the opening of our next faculty challenge, coming soon!

Sep 19

Let the Voting Begin!

(Voting closed 09/22/2014)

Voting is now open!

We thank those faculty who submitted a banner to the first FLC Faculty Challenge. We appreciate your enthusiasm and contributions!

Now it’s time for everyone to help us choose a winner by voting! Look over the banners below and cast 6 votes for your favorites. You can vote only 6 times and on 6 different banners.

Voting closes on Monday the 22nd at noon and we’ll announce the winner later that day.

Again, thank you everyone for your submissions and your votes. Be on the lookout for our next FLC Faculty Challenge “Sense of Presence.” We’ll post a teaser next week to get you thinking about your sense of presence in your online course before we open the next challenge up for submissions.

Sep 16

Tech Tuesday – Sept 16

ipadFLC_croppediPads can support your teaching, help lighten your load when you travel, help you take notes during conferences, provide a way to check mail, compile data, research your content area, and more.

Did you know Title III has iPads available to UAS Sitka faculty for check out?

If you would like to check one out, please email Mary Purvis for more details. You will need to submit a proposal for its use and a report about how you used the iPad in your teaching and Personal Learning Environment. Supplies are limited – first come, first serve!

To pique your interest in how helpful an iPad can be to your teaching, read this report, graciously shared by Gayle Hammons.

Image: ©

Sep 15

Blackboard: Behind the Scenes

We’ve created a sample course for your students that contains tutorials and guidelines for using Blackboard. It covers topics such as turning in assignments, communication tools, announcements, quizzes and exams, gradebook features, Web Meeting/Collaborate, uploading video and images, and in general tips for success.

Watch the course introduction below. It has audio, so be sure that your headphones and/or your speakers are on.


We encourage you to share this course with your students. Students should follow these directions for access:

Sep 12

Fried Friday: Do your students feel like this?

Yesterday we posted an article that talked about a faculty’s responsibility to students. Does it include answering all questions? Does it require you to hand-feed your students? Today we want to add a little humor into your day with the following video clip: “What if your GPS acted like a typical user’s guide” which we think relates to the last post.

Tina, thanks for finding this clip. Not only is it funny, but it also is right on target with our challenge to provide information to students without overwhelming them and without doing the thinking for them. Well, watch the video, you’ll get the point!


And have a great weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget our banner challenge is still going on. It’s not too late to submit your entry. We’ll vote next week! Click the banner to view our current banner challenge entries. Thanks everyone for participating!

Banner Challenge 2014

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