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1 Coherence Principle

Last week I let you know that we would be looking at the 12 Multimedia Principles, and we’ll get started this week with the Coherence Principle.  The Coherence Principle means eliminating extraneous words, pictures, and sounds.  When this is done there is a deeper understanding of material presented.   To start looking at this principle it …

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Multimedia Learning

When we look at learning, in both the face-to-face classroom, and especially in on-line learning, an important aspect is Multimedia Learning (how we learn using words and pictures). The definition of multimedia used here is that: “Words” include spoken text or printed text.  “Pictures” would be illustrations, photos, animation, or video.  Multimedia learning then is …

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CELT Professional Development Opportunities for September

Do you have expertise in a particular teaching strategy or pedagogy? Have you attended a conference and want to share what you learned? Do you use a tool for e-learners that others would benefit from using? Share your knowledge by facilitating a program through CELT! Contact Kaia Henrickson at to set up a date. …

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Instructional Alignment

Logo for 5 minute university

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!!  To get the year started I wanted to share a quick “5 minute” lesson on instructional alignment. This is from the 5 Minute University (5MU) which is a collaboration between the schools or colleges of pharmacy, health sciences, and medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, …

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Want to do some Computer Coding?


Have you ever thought how great it would be if your skill set included computer coding?  For adults, the process of learning these skills usually takes time, access, and money.  Google has eliminated these barriers with a new app called Grasshopper!  This is a beginning coding program where you can learn to do computer coding …

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Free Webinar – Rockin’ the Virtual Classroom!

January 26, 2016 10:00 am – 11:15 am AK time Begin Registration… Virtual classroom technology (ILinc, Adobe Connect, WebEx, Elluminate, etc.) provides a wonderful live, real-time bridge between the traditional classroom and the learner. But it isn’t “just like” the traditional classroom, and in the wrong hands can be deadly dull. In this session we’ll …

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Lending Library Moving to Egan Library!

Lending Library

Over the past 5 years of this Title III grant we’ve acquired an excellent library on topics including Understanding by Design, Peer Review, Assessment, Teaching Online, well, you get the picture, we’ve collected a broad array of books. Many of these books Mary and I used when teaching ED593 so faculty who took that course have already …

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Monday Morning Mentor is Back!

Title III is once again providing interested faculty a chance to start their weeks off with dynamic, professional development – in only 20 minutes! The Monday Morning Mentor is a program from Magna Publications. How does this practical and convenient program work? Each program is available online starting at 9 am CST – yes, that’s …

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Tech Tuesday — Let’s UNPLUG!!!!

Click for book titles

Your Title III team reminds you that every year we’ve accumulated books for iTeach and our own UAS Sitka lending library. These books cover a wide range of topics including: Understanding by Design Peer Review Flip Books for writing learning objectives Assessment Assessing Your Impact on Students Teaching Online Facilitating Groups Web Tools Hybrid Teaching …

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Blackboard World Live: FREE ADMISSION

Bb World Live

BbWorld is a huge educational conference that brings together educators, administrators and technologists from around the world. Keynote speakers with Industry insights, and visionary thoughtfulness are the norm for BbWorld. This year, BbWorld is offering FREE registration for BbWorld Live 2015 Online. Click the image to register and attend some exciting sessions from July 20-23rd. …

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