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To Accommodate Learning Styles or NOT?

Cathy Moore on Learning Styles

We all have different strengths and different weakness. Some of us prefer to read directions, others prefer to be told what to do. Some learn best from videos, others prefer to have detailed step-by-step written diagrams. We’ve all been told that good instructors pay attention to the different learning styles of their students and deliver …

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Fried Friday: TED ED Lessons Worth Sharing


Sit back and let TED Ed help you to create engaging customized lessons for your students. TED-Ed is free and allows you to build any lesson around any YouTube video that you’ve found on the web. Each lesson includes a title, a Play button, a Dig Deeper sections for resoures, and a Discussion area for …

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Tech Tuesday: Slides that Communicate Your Idea

instructor presentation

Charla Brown shared this resource saying that it was really helpful to create better, more expressive slides. Certainly TED has created high standards for presentations and these tips from the TED’s in-house expert should improve any presentation. Check them out and share with your students. 10 tips on how to make slides that communicate your …

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Fried Friday: Water Out of Thin Air?

Creative Problem Solving TED

At timesI have a tendency to depress myself thinking about the state of the world. A winter without snow doesn’t help. Heap on global warming, rising healthcare prices, state revenues dipping — okay you get the picture. But I came across a TED talk by Navi Radjou who shares some amazing innovations. These are inspirations that he claims have …

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Fried Friday: Have a Problem? How Do You Make Toast?

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Take 9 minutes (trust me they go really fast) to listen to this TED talk about solving problems and making toast! Tom Wujec discusses how nodes and links and visualizing your problems  (preferably with a team) can assist you in “solving wicked problems.” If you are intrigued, Wujec’s website provides you with step-by-step instructions on …

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Fried Friday: How Do YOU See the World?

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I came across this recently and it struck me that dogs really do “see” an entirely different world than we do and I wondered how many of us actually see different worlds too when we walk through our day-to-day worlds. And of course, that made me wonder if our students ever “see” the things that …

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Fried Friday

Be thankful that our Faculty Challenges haven’t included things like Ze Frank’s “Toilet Paper Challenge” and “When Office Tools Attack” challenge to his followers! This is an old Ted Talk, but if you never watched it, you might enjoy Ze Frank’s Nerdcore Comedy. You’ll have to stick it out to the end of the Ted …

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Tips for Online Instructors Gleaned from Bb Conference

Nicole and Kathi

Nicole and I recently attended the Blackboard World 2014 User Conference (yes, Vegas in July) and came back with a number of ideas that we’d like to share with you. Here are some of the usable best practices that could easily be implemented this semester: In Blackboard’s discussion forums, use the setting “Participants must create …

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Book Club Alert: Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

Ted Talk

Attention all book-clubbers (and others) — Nicole shared this TED Talk video this morning and it definitely brought back our conversations from Book Club on creativity. I would love to hear what you think of this young man’s ideas on creativity and “hacking” and education. Certainly an interesting concept to hack your way through physics. …

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eLearning 2013

Are you back in the swing of school? Are there terms you are hearing (“gamification”, “mlearning” etc.) or other words you’ve been coming across that you aren’t sure you know? Check out Ms. Marshall’s post: 10 Terms You Should Know in eLearning and get familiar with the language of eLearning today! We were lucky to …

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