Tech Tuesday: Bb’s Adaptive Release Combined with a Syllabus Quiz–Powerful!

Is the syllabus really an integral part of your course? Does knowledge of the syllabus actually improve student performance? Yesterday’s post described some of the things that faculty put into a “Start Here” or “Getting Started” orientation module, today, let’s take a closer look at a syllabus quiz, and why that might be included in your first week’s content. The quiz can:

  • Encourage students read your syllabus to find important information.
  • Unlock the next module of course content. Using Blackboard’s  “Adaptive Release” feature, you can hide folders/modules and reveal them after they successfully respond to questions about your course.
  • Allow students to experience online quizzing, familiarizing them with the quiz feature as well as Blackboard’s gradebook.
  • Serve as evidence that you explained certain important rules (plagiarism, late work, cheating etc.) and that they read and acknowledge that they are aware of your policies.
  • Save you time reading and responding to questions by having students find the answers to their questions.

So how do you set up Adaptive Release? This feature can be used in many ways so it is worth getting to know more about. Click on the image for a handout on using Bb Adaptive Release.


Other resources that you might find helpful:

Blackboard 9.1 Quick Start Guide to Adaptive Release 

Sample Syllabus Quiz Questions from Arizona State University

Syllabus Quiz from Teaching Geoscience Online