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Tech Tuesday – SoftChalk

Your UAS Title III team is happy to let you know that we have renewed the SoftChalk license for another year! SoftChalk is a program that lets you build lessons in the form of HTML pages that include navigation and interactive learning activities (popup text, quizzes, interactive images, timelines, and many more). Lessons can be …

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Tech Tuesday – Simple Learning Games

studymate logo and activities

You have probably heard the terms game-based learning and gamification used in reference to education lately. We want start out with the basics by introducing you to simple learning games first. UAS has a license for a program called Studymate that will allow you to create a variety of learning activities, self-assessments, and quizzes. Studymate …

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Tech Tuesday – PowToon Giveaway

We’ve blogged about PowToon before and want to remind you to snag a free classroom account before it’s too late! PowToon’s giveaway for classroom accounts (1 teacher and 60 students) has proven so popular that they only have a few accounts left. Grab one ASAP before the promo closes this week! PowToon is an easy …

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Tech Tuesday – Online Teaching Tips (in 20 minutes)


Got 20 minutes? Then we’ve got a deal for you! The UAS Sitka Campus Title III program is offering UAS faculty the opportunity to start their week with dynamic, professional development delivered online in only 20 minutes! The program started in August but there are still 7 sessions remaining. If you contact Nicole this week …

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Tech Tuesday – RSS Feeds in Your Blackboard Course

rss icon

It might be handy to have a live feed from a news blog, or any other blogging site updating dynamically, in real time, inside your Blackboard course. For example, maybe you would like your students to see all the great posts that are added weekly to the UAS Tips for Student Success blog. It’s easy …

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Tech Tuesday – Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is today’s Tech Tuesday topic. We blogged about creating an online presence last week and Adobe Voice is one way you can do that! Adobe Voice is an iPad app that lets you easily create 60-90 second videos. This fun digital storytelling app allows you to make a professional impact by connecting with …

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Tech Tuesday: Livescribe Smartpens

livescribe pen

This week we’re featuring the Livescribe Smartpen, available for checkout in the IDC. The Livescribe Smartpen captures everything you hear in a meeting room, lecture or work-group. While you are drawing a diagram or drawing symbols or shapes, it is capturing the discussion that went into that drawing. All of these notes can then be …

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Tech Tuesday – Sept 22

customize options

Today’s Tech Tuesday introduces you to the Google Chrome extension ‘Search the Current Site’. This simple toolbar button allows you to search all the pages of a website, not just the page you are on. Search any site you’re on by the simple click of a button. The search is done not only on the …

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Tech Tuesday – Sept 16

iPads can support your teaching, help lighten your load when you travel, help you take notes during conferences, provide a way to check mail, compile data, research your content area, and more. Did you know Title III has iPads available to UAS Sitka faculty for check out? If you would like to check one out, please email Mary …

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