Tech Tuesday – Online Teaching Tips (in 20 minutes)

timerGot 20 minutes? Then we’ve got a deal for you! The UAS Sitka Campus Title III program is offering UAS faculty the opportunity to start their week with dynamic, professional development delivered online in only 20 minutes! The program started in August but there are still 7 sessions remaining. If you contact Nicole this week you’ll also be able to access this week’s program: What Does Copyright Ownership Mean to Me?

The Monday Morning Mentor is a program from Magna Publications. How does this practical and convenient program work? Each program is available online starting at 9 am CST – yes, that’s 6 am AK time. But don’t worry about setting an early alarm as the programs are available for on-demand viewing for one full week. New programs are available weekly each Monday morning through December 8. The remaining topics are:

Oct. 27:  Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?
Nov. 3: How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?
Nov. 10: How Can I Make My Course Content More Accessible?
Nov. 17: What Is Storyboarding and How Can It Help You Flip Your Class?
Nov. 24: What Are Five Tips for Writing Effective Learning Outcomes?
Dec. 1: How Can I Design Copyright-Compliant Courses?
Dec. 8: Where Can I Find Flippable Moments in My Classes?

Interested faculty should email Nicole Duclos for information on how to access the programs.

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