Tech Tuesday – Adobe Voice

voiceAdobe Voice is today’s Tech Tuesday topic. We blogged about creating an online presence last week and Adobe Voice is one way you can do that!

Adobe Voice is an iPad app that lets you easily create 60-90 second videos. This fun digital storytelling app allows you to make a professional impact by connecting with your audience using creative animated videos and presentations. The app has over 25,000 images and icons to choose from, or you can use your own. You can make your video private of public. Kathi made her introduction to Blackboard: Behind the Scenes using Adobe Voice.

If your students have iPads, have them use the app for assignments – maybe a field trip journal, book report, or personal introduction.

Each video you publish will appear on its own Voice web page. No unrelated videos, no random ads — just your story in the center of the page, in high-quality HD. You can also embed it where you want on your own web page. Anyone can watch them from wherever they are, on a phone, tablet device, or computer.

…In Voice, just tap Share, and you can share your video on Twitter, Facebook, email, messages/SMS, or anywhere else you can put a link, without thinking about file types. You can also embed the videos on your web page.

This is a free app but you will need an Adobe account. Setting up an account is free and easy to do – get started at Adobe Education Exchange.

Need an iPad? Read our blog post about iPads for faculty!