Tech Tuesday: Livescribe Smartpens

livescribe penThis week we’re featuring the Livescribe Smartpen, available for checkout in the IDC. The Livescribe Smartpen captures everything you hear in a meeting room, lecture or work-group. While you are drawing a diagram or drawing symbols or shapes, it is capturing the discussion that went into that drawing. All of these notes can then be transferred to either Mac or PC and are accessible and searchable by iPhone or iPad.

The pen captures the audio in a room quite nicely and the special interactive notebook paper synchronizes the pen’s audio with what you capture on paper. Quite an amazing bridge between “old style” note-taking and “new style” interactive technology!

We invite you to give the Livescribe Smartpens a try. Bring it to the next TLTR meeting or campus/department meeting and see how you like it. There are many applications besides note-taking for these smartpens as well as some how-to articles at 12 Ways Educators and Students are Using the Pen Today. While many of these are K12 examples, they might generate some ideas for your use of these pens, beyond capturing meeting minutes.

Interested UAS Sitka Faculty can stop by the IDC and check one out. Let us know how you use the pen!