Category: Motivation

End of Semester & Graduation

Below is Steven Levitan’s commencement address at the University of Wisconsin in 2017.  In it, this Emmy-winning creator of the  show “Modern Family” imparts wisdom, stories of his college days at Wisconsin, and plenty of humor. In this 20 minute video, Steven passes on five pieces of wisdom to the graduating class (You will have …

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Motivation is a critical, yet somewhat unknown component in successful teaching.  Although this video is geared toward corporate organizations, there are many interesting points that can be applied to education.  The video narrated by Dan Pink is 11 minute video long. Important points from the video When Rudimentary Cognitive Skill is needed, a larger reward …

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Motivating Your Students

How do you motivate Learners?  Here is a video (less than 10 minutes) that helps answer some of the questions on motivation. Listen for these ideas when you watch: Embracing Change Collaboration Desire to try something new Willingness to try and fail, and try again Community of Practice Learning through experience Increase performance through personal …

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