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How to Stay Sane While Isolating

It’s been a year since this pandemic started here in the US, and we are not quite done yet. It appears we will be isolating and working from home for a few more months, if not through the end of 2021. So how do we stay sane? Here is a video from the BBC with …

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The Importance of Sleep

Someone I know has recently suffered from a condition that allowed them to only get about three hours of sleep per night. I can only think that this lack of sleep made it very difficult to function, especially when you remember that sleep is a basic need. Sleep is a time where our body rests, …

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The Mystery Box – with JJ Abrams

Today I thought something lighter might be good. With so many stressors in our lives right now, sometimes it is good to step back and just be entertained. But because this is a “learning” site, I wanted to give you something to think about also. I think this video accomplishes both. It’s an opportunity to …

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Give Yourself Permission to Be Creative

I know right now we are all going through a number of emotions as we try to make our way in the world.  These are tough times, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our passion.  This week I thought I would let actor Ethan Hawke bring us some thoughts about Creativity.  This is his June …

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Working from Home – Spam E-Mail

We have been working from home for a while now, and if you’re like me have had a lot of e-mails.  Some of these might be spam.  In today’s FLC I wanted to give you some Friday humor, as I know we are busy and might need a couple minutes to laugh a bit. In …

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Social Distancing

Yes, social distancing is the new way of life, and is helping to slow the spread of COVID-19.  With this virus being able to spread prior to an individual showing symptoms, it’s an important practice, especially for those in greater risk categories. Here are tips for social distancing from the CDC: Follow guidance from authorities …

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Tips for Working At Home

Hi everyone.  This is my second FLC post for today, but I wanted to share a presentation I made for the Sitka All-Campus meeting today.  This gives you some tips and strategies for working at home. As we keeping moving forward I will try to keep you informed as I get more, and updated, information. …

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Commencement 2019

We made it through another year, including accreditation. As we look forward to the celebration of our Graduates tonight (and this weekend), it is time to reflect and ask ourselves what worked and what didn’t work this year. This summer will be a great time to do a follow up evaluation that goes beyond Summative …

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World’s Smallest Snowman

Here’s a story from Scientific American to get your week started. It’s the world’s smallest snowman, created using a scanning electron microscope. It stands at just 3μm tall! Here is a link to the story: Happy Monday everyone!!

A Little Something for April 1st

Yes, Monday is April 1st and that means April Fools!! Last year at Oakland Elementary School in Royal Oak, Michigan, 4th grade teacher Joe Dombrowski gave his students a spelling test, which surprisingly, was not a test of the words they had studied. Watch the video as they self-correct the 10 words on this April …

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