Best Practices for Flipping Classes – Free Programs for UAS Faculty

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The UAS Sitka Campus Title III program is happy to provide you with another FREE professional development opportunity! The Flipped Classroom 4-Pack from Magna Publications is now available for you to view. If there is interest, we will schedule a future roundtable to discuss the programs. Please let us know in the comments if you are interested in participating in the roundtable discussion.

Integrating flipping strategies into your classroom promotes student engagement, challenges students to address higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and increases student success and learning. Discover flipping insights and strategies that you can employ in any lesson in any course. These programs will ease you into the flipped learning environment and will help you successfully flip your classroom.

Each program listed below includes a 20 minute presentation, PowerPoint handout, supplemental material, facilitator’s discussion guide, transcript, and a reflection worksheet.

How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson?
This program will bring you up to speed on the most current approaches to flipping and will give you a four-part structure for a flipped lesson.

What is Storyboarding? And How Can It Help Me Flip My Class?
Discover three distinct strategies for storyboarding and how to use each to create a video for a flipped class.

What Are 5 FAQs About Faculty Roles in the Flipped Class?
In this program, Honeycutt and Warren discuss the most common questions they have been asked about flipping and share successful strategies they have used in the classroom.

Where Can I Find Flippable Moments in my Classes?
Identify flippable moments and how to get the best results when you do.

For more information on the programs and presenters, visit Magna Publications’ website. To gain access to the programs, you will need to log in below with your UAS username and password.

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