Fried Friday – Respect for Online Teaching!

Flexible eLearning Courses Are Becoming A Popular Trend In Education

“Initially most educators and academic experts were rather skeptical about the effectiveness of online education. As per a new study, now over 70 per cent of university academic officers believe it is essential for the long term strategy of their institutes. The Chief Academic Officers observed that the outcomes of online programmes are equal to, and in some cases, better than traditional on campus learning. More than 25 per cent of university and college students, which amounts to 5 million individuals, are currently pursuing online learning courses, as per the National Center for Education Statistics.”

As we all know online courses include many forms of learning including video lectures, learning centered activities, collaborative group assignments, synchronous web meetings, asynchronous discussions and much more.  As instructors you know how much time and effort it takes to make your courses the best they can be.  We think you deserve a lot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for all you do!

Enjoy the following video as Johanna demands the respect you deserve: