Tech Tuesday: Google Forms Make Great Polls/Surveys

Have you ever needed to capture information quickly? Have you ever needed to collaborate with a colleague to gather information or create a form or poll? Google Forms are the perfect tool for you. It is very, very easy to create a quick form or survey, easy to collaborate with others, and easy to share the link with others.

We are using a Google form to collect your information for the 10 Day Faculty Challenge. We’re capturing your name, college and e-mail so that we can create a WordPress account and enroll you in our game’s blog. Speaking of the 10 Day Faculty Challenge, YOU CAN STILL REGISTER TODAY and PLAY!!  In fact, you can register all week, but you will not be able to earn all the possible points if you don’t get started soon. Join us now! It’s quick to register, don’t put it off!

click for tutorial

By the way, if you want to check out the action at the 10 Day Faculty Challenge Game, you can VIEW THE GAME, but it’s much more fun to be a player. So JOIN US! It’s not too late!! And, seriously UAS, are we going to let UAA be on top of our leaderboard? Let’s get to it and show them we’re players too!

And if you haven’t used Google forms before to create surveys and collect information, we have a short tutorial for you. Click on the image at right. We posted this earlier with other resource links. You can search our site for that post if you need more information on Google forms.






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