COVID19 and Fall Semester at UAS

Well, Convocation has ended and we are now ready to start the new semester …. but, things aren’t the same as any other year.  Since we are still in the midst of the pandemic, I wanted to try to help by giving you some resources that will help answer any questions.

One issue we all face is that information changes so quickly. The UAS COVID Team is working to keep everyone updated, so keep an eye on email. Another resource is the UA Covid19 Information site.

UA COVID-19 Information

Covid19 website icon

When you enter the site you will see four areas to explore:

And, if you scroll down, you will see a link to a UAS specific site:

UAS Campus Specific picture with arrow pointing to UAS

Open that site to find information specific to UAS. You will also find the latest communications from Vice Chancellor, Michael Ciri.

Another site to go to when looking for the latest Alaska travel information is the COVID-19 Traveler Information page. This site will help you figure out the mandates and will also help you figure out what needs to happen when coming into Alaska from out of the State. This may also be helpful if you get questions from students or other faculty who are trying to figure this out.

State of Alaska Traveler Information front page of website

As we start the new school year let’s keep remember to be encouraging and positive. I’ll leave you with this slide from Michael Ciri’s presentation:

Balancing Life Demands - UAS encourages everyone to extend and assume flexibility, adaptability, sustainability, integrity, and grace and compassion

If you still have questions, please direct them to the UAS Covid Team. You can email them-

Stay safe, wear your mask, and good luck in this new school year. I’ll see you next week!!