Assessment Toolkit

As a university, we all know the importance of assessment.  In education we use assessment to appraise knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs.  Sometimes it is done directly, and sometimes indirectly.  We use it to look at individual learners, or to evaluate our courses or appraise entire academic programs.  We assess with measurable learning outcomes, which leads us to evidence of learning.

To help you with knowing more about assessment, and in conjunction with the Sitka Title III group, we have put together an “Assessment Toolkit.”

Click on the picture above to open the Assessment Toolkit (or click on this link –, and then spend some time browsing.  There is a lot of information here, so you’ll probably want to look at the site in multiple sessions.

We hope that the information contained in this toolkit will help answer any questions you might have about assessment, and maybe give you a few ideas on making assessment better in your courses.  Take your time, and come back often!!

Also, thank you for subscribing to the FLC!!  See you next week!