Gamification: The Science and Benefits

Tina found this article published in the eLearning Industry titled “The Science and the Benefits of Gamification in eLearning” by Christopher Pappas. Pappas states that endorphins are released during exercise and mental challenges that not only increase pleasure but also aid in the retention of information. This is one of the benefits of the gamification of learning.

This week we’re completing the 10 Day Faculty Challenge. We’ve added some new features during this second week of play. Feel free to click around the Challenge website and see what’s been happening. Congratulations to our week 1 leaders: Charla, Lee, Margie, Val, Ann and Leslie. The score changes rapidly, so keep your eyes on the leaderboard!

  • In addition to the daily challenge there is a “Power Up” challenge which, like the Daily Double on the TV game show Jeopardy, allows players to add 50 points to their daily score.
  • Also, for those of you who have been interested in the game but haven’t had the time to join us, we have included the role of Cheerleader. Register to play and add cheering comments to the players. You will not only get points and a badge for this, but you’ll help our players as they go for the finishing round of play this week.
  • Oh, and yes, there are prizes for our game play (winners and prizes to be announced at the end of the play.)

We’ve added some of the features to align our game more with some of Kapp’s teachings and the infographic below shared by Christopher Pappas. Take a look at the 30 interesting facts about gamification below.

30 Facts About Gamification in eLearning Infographic
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