Faculty Challenge #3: We Challenge You to Share Your Ideas!

Thank you everyone who shared examples of ways that you create your online persona. We had a tie this week for first place, something fishy here? Congratulations to both Joel and Jim for your video submissions.

challenge winner 1 challenge winner 2

This week our challenge does not pit faculty against faculty, even in fun. Rather, we challenge you to share your ideas for creating good survey questions. Share with us what you are doing, what questions work best, what tools you are using, etc. We’ll compile and organize your responses. You can view some sample questions as they are sent in at our FLC Faculty Challenge Google Site.

We are looking to collect the best questions, techniques and tools to inform you mid-semester:

  • Are your students are struggling on concepts, assignments or quizzes?
  • Is your course design easy for students to navigate or is it a barrier to their learning?
  • Do you need to restructure or explain certain concepts or aspects of your course?

We are looking for the best questions at the close of your semester to let you know:

  • How successful were you in the eyes of your students in achieving your course objectives?
  • What sections of the course need you revisit before offering the course again?
  • What structural or course delivery strategies should you modify before offering the course again?

And if you have a synchronous classroom using Collaborate (or other tool) or a face-to-face classroom and you use clickers or other polling tools, please share with us some of your best practice tips.

  • How do you involve and engage students during your sessions?
  • How do you encourage all students to participate and contribute?

Send your thoughts, your examples, your successful questions to Kathi and I’ll collect them and post them to our Faculty Challenge Google Site so everyone can benefit from your success.

And, DON’T FORGET– scroll down to our last post and VOTE on which topic you’d like to see next in the Faculty Challenge series!