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Fried Friday: Awakening the “Wonder Junkie”

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It’s that day of the week again. Friday. Time for a little lightweight but hopefully inspiring, short video clip from “Shots of Awe” this one titled “The Ecstasy of Curiosity.” Last year we did a Book Club on Sitka campus and talked a lot about creativity and innovation. Tony Wagner’s book “Creating Innovators” shares a lot in …

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Book Club Alert: Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

Ted Talk

Attention all book-clubbers (and others) — Nicole shared this TED Talk video this morning and it definitely brought back our conversations from Book Club on creativity. I would love to hear what you think of this young man’s ideas on creativity and “hacking” and education. Certainly an interesting concept to hack your way through physics. …

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Creativity and Innovation– the Theme for UAS Sitka!


Today we (Sitka campus faculty and staff) met to discuss Tony Wagner’s book “Creating Innovators” our first book club meeting. We had a great discussion talking about the different ways that faculty and parents can create experiences that foster creativity and lead to innovation. Prior to our meeting, Nicole shared an article on Technological, Pedagogical …

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