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Fried Friday!

My esteemed (and younger) colleagues Nicole and Tina told me that these two videos have kind of, sort of, a link to gamification if you know anything about the video game Minecraft. Well, sadly, my education was lacking. First I had to Google about Minecraft to figure out what that was. Then I had to watch …

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Click for Thanksgiving Fails

Your FLC team will be taking Thursday and Friday off, so we wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you early! Please enjoy a little Thanksgiving humor below. Monday the 10 Day Faculty Challenge GAME will launch. We really hope you’ll join us and play along. Have you registered yet? You get bonus points for …

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Fried Friday: Gamifying Education

It’s not too late to sign up for Karl Kapp’s short presentation on Games vs. Gamification. Join us at 11 AM on Monday the 24th to learn more about the gamification of education and how you might improve your student’s engagement and interest in your course topic. Karl Kapp of Bloomsburg University is the author …

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Fried Friday: Gameshow Contestants ARE the “Weakest Link”

You Tube on Game Shows Click Here

Have you ever called on one of your students for the answer to a question only to have them blurt out something totally bizarre? Or, has it happened to you while playing Trivial Pursuits(TM) or some other game with friends? Sometimes when we’re put into the spotlight, our brains seem to freeze and we are …

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Fried Friday & eTech Fair Starting Monday

It’s Friday again and you might be feeling like the “Apparently Kid,” Noah Ritter, in the video below.  Not to worry, some laughs from Noah combined with the weekend break, and you should be energized and ready for the eTech Fair starting on Monday November 10th. The UAA eLearning Workgroup is hosting the eTech Fair …

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Fried Friday (and Vote!)

It’s that time of week again where we blog some humor for you. If you are familiar with fonts, you may find this week’s Fried Friday post by CollegeHumor amusing. View the Font Conference below and don’t forget to vote on the Faculty Challenge #4: Word Clouds before Monday at 12 pm!  

Fried Friday: Polls, Surveys and Leading Questions, Oh My!

Click image for video

We explored a bit about polls and surveys these past two weeks and thought you might enjoy finishing off your week with a little light-hearted clip from “Yes, Prime Minister” on asking leading questions to skew an opinion survey. With all of the political calls, surveys and advertisements, we thought this was a fitting Fried …

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Fried Friday

Be thankful that our Faculty Challenges haven’t included things like Ze Frank’s “Toilet Paper Challenge” and “When Office Tools Attack” challenge to his followers! This is an old Ted Talk, but if you never watched it, you might enjoy Ze Frank’s Nerdcore Comedy. You’ll have to stick it out to the end of the Ted …

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Fried Friday: Awakening the “Wonder Junkie”

isotck 259666 Remember

It’s that day of the week again. Friday. Time for a little lightweight but hopefully inspiring, short video clip from “Shots of Awe” this one titled “The Ecstasy of Curiosity.” Last year we did a Book Club on Sitka campus and talked a lot about creativity and innovation. Tony Wagner’s book “Creating Innovators” shares a lot in …

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Fried Friday: Can you bottle or brand your online persona? Voting Time!

Sometimes an old idea can be recycled into some new and novel. Take for example this new rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” by the Bottle Boys. They certainly have talent, but is it more than talent that has captured them over 4 million hits on YouTube? Have they created a unique persona and stage presence? …

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