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Fried Friday: Challenges of Teaching with Technology

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Nicole came across this video that was produced by students at the University of Denver. It highlights some frustrations that students have when faculty are not using technology wisely or appropriately. I’m sure some of these scenes are a bit over the top, but it is Friday after all and we want you to relax …

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Fried Friday: Have a Problem? How Do You Make Toast?

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Take 9 minutes (trust me they go really fast) to listen to this TED talk about solving problems and making toast! Tom Wujec discusses how nodes and links and visualizing your problems  (preferably with a team) can assist you in “solving wicked problems.” If you are intrigued, Wujec’s website provides you with step-by-step instructions on …

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Fried Friday: Productive and Fun, Our Visit to Sitka

Sitka February 25

It was certainly wonderful to spend the week with our Sitka colleagues. Visiting with so many of you was a real treat for both Tina and myself. And, the entire team appreciates all the valuable feedback that you all gave us as we walked about the building meeting with you individually, and at our “campfire …

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Fried Friday: National “Love Your Pet Day!” Really??

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Seriously, who knew that today was National Love Your Pet Day. As if we don’t love our pets every single day of the year! In honor of this important day, we’ve unearthed a few pet videos for you (thank you Nicole and Tina). I had to try pretty hard to tie this post to education even very loosely. Faculty …

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Fried Friday: Can Pheromones Really Get You a Date?

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Valentine’s Day is soon upon us but the American Chemical Society wants you to think twice about using spray-on pheromone products that claim to help you attain love at first smell! Check out their video Can Pheromones Get You a Date? and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, and for those of you who need just …

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Fried Friday: How Do YOU See the World?

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I came across this recently and it struck me that dogs really do “see” an entirely different world than we do and I wondered how many of us actually see different worlds too when we walk through our day-to-day worlds. And of course, that made me wonder if our students ever “see” the things that …

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Fried Friday: Is Global Warming Causing the Recent Vermont Polar Bear Attacks?

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I was going to show the Lie Witness News where Jimmy Kimmel asked what people thought of Judge Judy being appointed to the Supreme Court, but then I came across this and thought it more fitting since we’re having such a strange winter.     I hope that these interviews are staged. But I fear …

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Fried Friday: World Seem a Bit Crazy These Days?

Do you believe in global warming? Believe that we’re on the brink of nuclear destruction? Comet going to hit the planet sometime soon? Enjoy the following infographic Apocalypse When? A Visual Guide to Doomsday Possibilities. I share this not only for a fun Fried Friday post, but also to underscore the power in presenting information …

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Fried Friday: Make Life a Little Easier

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We are all busy and the Internet is an enormous resource where busy people often get lost for hours on end. Seriously, we know… hours and hours. This first FLC Fried Friday of 2015, enjoy makeuseof’s great list of The Best Websites On The Internet. they have compiled divided into 14 categories. The list is …

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Fried Friday

Fried Friday Gals

Mary reminded us that a picture speaks a thousand words and I think Nicole’s picture below pretty much sums up how we are feeling after the last 2 weeks keeping up with the 10 Day Faculty Challenge Game! Phew! And, here is a bonus video from Val Barber which makes it look like even a chimp enjoys …

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