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Tech Tuesday – Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is today’s Tech Tuesday topic. We blogged about creating an online presence last week and Adobe Voice is one way you can do that! Adobe Voice is an iPad app that lets you easily create 60-90 second videos. This fun digital storytelling app allows you to make a professional impact by connecting with …

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Tech Tuesday: Livescribe Smartpens

livescribe pen

This week we’re featuring the Livescribe Smartpen, available for checkout in the IDC. The Livescribe Smartpen captures everything you hear in a meeting room, lecture or work-group. While you are drawing a diagram or drawing symbols or shapes, it is capturing the discussion that went into that drawing. All of these notes can then be …

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Tech Tuesday – Sept 16

iPads can support your teaching, help lighten your load when you travel, help you take notes during conferences, provide a way to check mail, compile data, research your content area, and more. Did you know Title III has iPads available to UAS Sitka faculty for check out? If you would like to check one out, please email Mary …

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Blackboard: Behind the Scenes

We’ve created a sample course for your students that contains tutorials and guidelines for using Blackboard. It covers topics such as turning in assignments, communication tools, announcements, quizzes and exams, gradebook features, Web Meeting/Collaborate, uploading video and images, and in general tips for success. Watch the course introduction below. It has audio, so be sure …

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Tech Tuesday – Sept 9

bamboo tablet

This week’s Tech Tuesday post will feature the Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet. Do you need to write on your whiteboard in Collaborate? Tired of struggling to draw a circle or write a math equation with your mouse?Bamboo Splash is a small, easy to set up pen tablet for document mark up and taking handwritten notes. The tablet works …

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Tech Tuesday – Sept 2

lenovo image

Here at the UAS Sitka Campus we like to stay on top of technology! To support our faculty, the Title III team strives to bring you the latest news and information on a variety of topics and tools. For our on campus UAS Sitka faculty and adjuncts we have a few technology tools available to …

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