My Students Don’t Cheat

Do you sometimes wonder if your students are cheating?  How can you ensure that they don’t?  Our counterparts at UAF’s e-Learning and Distance Education office recently posted this helpful commentary about cheating. Check it out by clicking on the iTeachU logo below, and leave a comment about your own experience and strategies.

UAF iTeachU

Discussion Board Dilemmas

Infographic: Why Aren’t Your Students Participating on the Discussion Board? Click the image below to view the infographic and find some solutions to engage your learners!


From: Knowledge One, January 13, 2014 by Jesse Harris and Carmelo Cipolla

Training Webinar Opportunities

UAS maintains a number of site licenses for software that allows faculty to create presentations and interactive learning activities. Respondus, StudyMate and Softchalk are some of these.

Respondus is a Windows program which lets you create and manage tests. With Respondus, you can:

  • Create tests in Word (you can even insert pictures in the questions!).
  • Easily uploaded your tests to Blackboard.
  • Print your tests.
  • Use Respondus to export tests and reports.

Studymate is a Windows program which makes a variety of learning activities: quizzes, flashcards, games, etc. Studymate can be used to review facts, vocabulary and basic concepts.

Softchalk is a program that lets you build lessons in the form of HTML pages that include navigation and interactive learning activities (popup text, quizzes, interactive images, timelines, and many more). Lessons can be packaged and uploaded to Blackboard. Softchalk runs on both Mac’s and Windows.

Need the software? UAS faculty can access the information here: (Downloads require UAS log in.)


Webinar Dates and Registration
Respondus 4.0: Create & Manage Exam Content Wednesday, February 19, 1pm EST – Register
StudyMate: Creating Learning Activities & Self-Assessments Wednesday, February 26, 2pm EST – Register
Softchalk Webinars Multiple dates – View website for dates and topics and to register

Please Join Us! “Thru the Lens” Session 1 Is THIS Friday!

This Friday, at 9 AM please join us for a one-hour mini-peer review of 4 different courses. The session will take place using Blackboard Collaborate. We’ll be using the UAS Peer Review Rubric Standard 1 and applying it to (1) ED 593: Design and Teach an Online Course, (2) Econ 202: Principles of Microeconomics, (3) Acct 379: Fund and Governmental Accounting and (4) BA490: Political and Social Environment of Business. Thank you Mary Purvis, Kathi Baldwin, Ann Spehar, Maren Haavig, and Charla Brown for opening up your course for this first mini-peer session in the Thru the Lens series.

Peer Review Through the LensFriday, February 14th at 9 AM we will use Collaborate  to meet so you can participate from your office or home. Please use the link shown, look for the “Tools Box” and click on “Participate Now” to attend. After joining the Collaborate session you will be given the information to log into each of the courses that we’ll be reviewing. Please have a headset with you so you participate by voice as well as text throughout the hour. If you have never done a Collaborate session before you might want to try logging in prior to the session to make sure you are ready at 9 am. 

Be sure to have a print-out ready of the Peer Review Standard I ready before you attend. If you have any questions, please contact Kathi at  This is your final reminder. So please mark your calendar and plan to attend!

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Monday Morning Mentor Reminder

It’s not too late to sign up for the Monday Morning Mentor program! You don’t need to commit to all sessions – simply choose which ones you want to listen to. You’ll receive an email each Monday morning through May 12 with details on how to access the week’s topic. Each session is recorded and available on demand for one week. Below is a list of the remaining sessions.


View and download the above  program schedule (link). Interested faculty should email Nicole Duclos for information on how to access the programs.

Just another awesome opportunity provided to you by your Sitka Title III team!

Another Google-y Treat!

Need a fast, FREE method to survey your students or colleagues? Do you just want to create it and quickly send out a link or post on Blackboard for your entire class?

Advantages to Google Forms:

  • Quick and simple to create
  • Send participants a live link
  • Results are sent to a Google Spreadsheet
  • You can collaborate with others on either the form creation or the results or both
  • There are lots and lots of resources and tutorials on the web that you can refer to

Google Forms might just be the solution you are looking for. Click the survey image below for a quick tutorial. This tutorial is also posted on the Faculty Learning Corner under Web-Based Resources for future reference.


Some other excellent references to help you create a Google form or to generate some great ideas for using these forms:

Tons of Google Forms for Teachers, Administrators and Students

Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms

Tour 4 Online Courses During Our New “Through the Lens” Series

Four of your colleagues have graciously opened up their courses for you to participate in an abbreviated peer review. Join us, February 14 at 9 AM, as we apply Standard I: Design of the Course of the UAS Peer Review Rubric and explore each of four courses.  You can participate from your office using Blackboard’s Collaborate.

Once a month, the “Through the Lens” series will open up a few online courses and we will apply one of the Peer Review Standards. This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Peer Review Through the LensGet familiar with a Peer Review Standard
  • Apply the Peer Review rubric on an actual courses
  • See the Peer Review process in action
  • Explore a peer’s online course
  • Ask questions and participate in an informal peer review
  • Volunteer YOUR course for peer comments and suggestions

The “Through the Lens” series will be offered once each month. On February 14th we will use Collaborate  to meet so you can participate from your office. Please use the link shown, look for the “Tools Box” and click on “Participate Now” to attend. After joining the Collaborate session you will be given the information to log into each of the courses that we’ll be reviewing.

We hope to see you, Friday, February 14th at 9 AM. Mark your calendar now! This hour-long session will use the UAS Peer Review Rubric, so be sure to have a print-out ready before you attend. If you have any questions, please contact Kathi at  We’ll send out another reminder next week repeating the connection information.

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Are You Mentally “Fried” by Friday?

Image of overworked womanIt’s Friday, and we want to help alleviate your mental weariness! We’re starting something new and calling it our “Fried Friday” sessions where we’ll bring you tutorials, Q&A sessions, or just a little light hearted humor. You’ll be hearing more about these sessions in the following weeks so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, to kick off our first Fried Friday post, enjoy this bit of humor that Susie and Maureen shared with us. As online instructors, we’ve all participated in some pretty tedious audio-conferences. We think you’ll get a chuckle out of this Conference Call in Real Life . We hope this helps you to enjoy your Friday!

click for youtube video






Stay tuned for more interesting and fun posts from your Title III team and friends!

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A Survey to Help Us Help You


Please take our short survey!

As we wind down our grant (only a year and a half left!), we want to be sure that we focus our training and support efforts on what you need and want. To that end, please take 5 minutes to complete this survey: If you could complete it by February 7th, we can get going on your requests immediately. Thank you!

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20 Minute Monday Morning Mentor

That’s a lot of M’s but not a lot of time! Title III is providing interested faculty a chance to start their weeks off with dynamic, professional development – in only 20 minutes!

The Monday Morning Mentor is a program from Magna Publications. How does this practical and convenient program work? Each program is available online starting at 9 am CST – yes, that’s 6 am AK time. But don’t worry about setting an early alarm as the programs are available for on-demand viewing for one full week. New programs are available weekly beginning Monday, January 27 and continue every Monday through May 12. mentor

“In a compact format designed for busy schedules, the programs will deliver focused, fact-filled examinations of issues important to faculty and staff. Those include:

  • Student engagement
  • Teaching and learning
  • Teaching online
  • Assessment and learning goals
  • Classroom management
  • Legal concerns
  • Physical/mental/emotional health
  • Service learning…”

-Magna Publications

The first program on January 27 is How Can I Create Meaningful Assignments for My Students? For a complete list of programs and dates, view and download the  program schedule (link). Interested faculty should email Nicole Duclos for information on how to access the programs.

Just another awesome opportunity provided to you by your Sitka Title III team!