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To Accommodate Learning Styles or NOT?

Cathy Moore on Learning Styles

We all have different strengths and different weakness. Some of us prefer to read directions, others prefer to be told what to do. Some learn best from videos, others prefer to have detailed step-by-step written diagrams. We’ve all been told that good instructors pay attention to the different learning styles of their students and deliver …

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Let Students Summarize the Lesson

Students working at computer

Today Faculty Focus shared a post titled “Let Students Summarize the Previous Lesson” by Maryellen Weimer. It struck home to me and I want to share her post and add some ideas. She emphasized the importance of making connections between class sessions or online, between weekly modules/presentations. However, rather than the instructor making these connections Weimer suggests …

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Tech Tuesday – Article Clean up

For all of you Breaking Bad fans…and everyone else! If you encounter a hard to read web site or a mobile mess; you better call Saul! Send cleaned up articles to your students and colleagues. They won’t be confused about what it is they are supposed to be reading and they won’t getting sidetracked by all the …

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Higher Education or “HIRE” Education?

Diploma and jobs

There’s no denying that we’re facing some very tight financial challenges in higher education. Added to our institution’s financial issues, students are also encountering higher tuition rates and, for many, a bleak post-graduation job landscape. Two questions seem to be asked more frequently in the news, online, and by funding agencies. 1) What is the purpose of higher education? 2) …

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Faculty Open House Today!

Faculy Open House Invite

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 11 am – 12 pm Room 215 Sitka Campus

Celebrating Presidents Day Today

As we celebrate Presidents’ Day, let us also remember the legacy of an amazing Alaska Native who pioneered Civil Rights decades before Martin Luther King. Today is Elizabeth Peratrovich’s birthday, and here is a link that beautifully honors her legacy. Alaska is better for her efforts. Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on how …

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Tip Sheets

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Need a quick reference or tip sheet on a particular topic? Just ask for it and we’ll try to create a useful document for you. Here are our two most recent tip sheets: Faculty Feedback for a Deeper Learning Experience When Gamification and Education Overlap You can find these tip sheets on the Faculty Learning …

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Using Feedback for a Deeper Learning Experience

We can teach less, provide more feedback, and cause greater learning than if we just teach.   — Grant Wiggins 2012 As educators we use feedback (or at least what I used to think of as feedback) constantly to adjust our presentations, discussions, and to improve our student’s performance. Regardless of whether we deliver our …

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Gamification: The Science and Benefits

Tina found this article published in the eLearning Industry titled “The Science and the Benefits of Gamification in eLearning” by Christopher Pappas. Pappas states that endorphins are released during exercise and mental challenges that not only increase pleasure but also aid in the retention of information. This is one of the benefits of the gamification …

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Games vs Gamification in Higher Education

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Registration will close this morning (Monday) at 9 AM so be sure to follow the link here to send us your registration information so we can get you the webinar information in time. Please register soon to attend the webinar. And, please spread the word to your colleagues. We’re very excited to have Karl Kapp join us …

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