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What Makes a Teacher Great

What does it take to be a great teacher?  And how do we measure greatness in education?  Although Azul Terronez is not a University professor, he has been asking these questions for many years.  Watch his 15 minute Ted Talk and hear his insights! So, let’s summarize some of his points. “Great teachers eat apples.” …

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Knowing Technology

Are students just out of High School more tech savvy than older, non-traditional students? Many have this perception! Young students may have grown up with technology, but do they know the technology we use in our on-line classes? Blackboard, Adobe Presenter, VoiceThread, even PowerPoint can become challenging if the student has never used it before. …

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Students can have a hard time with the pressure of University studies.  This is important for you, as a Faculty member to know, because you have immediate contact with students.  Anxiety can cause students to miss class as they become overwhelmed by the many challenges they face.  Sometimes anxiety is triggered by a number of …

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Instructor Presence in Online Learning

In a face to face situation, instructor presence is easy …. you’re right there with your students, but when teaching online this can be tougher, unless you are thinking about it and making sure you are present to students.  One of the major reasons why students drop out of online courses is that they feel …

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‘Ask Me’

As we look at student needs, it is important to remember that we grow through diversity, and every student has an important contribution to make.  Title IX policy’s are in place to protect students from discrimination, but we shouldn’t follow these policies because they’re the rule, we should follow them because it is absolutely the …

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Storytelling in the Classroom

Want to grab the attention of your students.  One of the best ways of doing this is to tell a story.  If you know your audience, it is sure to capture attention, and make the lesson you are giving more memorable.  In this 7 minute YouTube video you are going to learn some of the …

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Motivating Your Students

How do you motivate Learners?  Here is a video (less than 10 minutes) that helps answer some of the questions on motivation. Listen for these ideas when you watch: Embracing Change Collaboration Desire to try something new Willingness to try and fail, and try again Community of Practice Learning through experience Increase performance through personal …

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Capturing Your Student’s FULL Attention


Back in June of 2014 Saga Briggs wrote The Science of Attention: How To Capture and Hold the Attention of Easily Distracted Students. In this article she describes the findings of research which indicates that university students do best when their attention is captured by periods of active learning. She then gives the reader 15 Tricks …

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Discussion Board Improves Exam Scores: Success Shared by KPC Faculty

Susan Mircovich

I always think we learn best from our colleagues and I recently heard from Susan Mircovich, Assistant Professor of Chemistry for Kenai Peninsula College of something that she did which was very successful. I asked Susan to write it up for me so I could share it with all of the faculty reading the FLC. …

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Rethink the Syllabus

Faculty Focus Setting the Tone

We often think of the syllabus as a contract between faculty and student. Dr. Lolita Paff, Professor of Business and Economics at Penn State Berks, thinks  this may actually foster a negative learning environment. In Mary Bart’s A Learner-Centered Syllabus Helps Set the tone for Learnings she describes another approach to the syllabus that she thinks creates a better beginning …

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