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Accreditation Next Week

Remember that Accreditation is next week, April 24, 25, and 26!!! Standards for Accreditation The five Standards for Accreditation are best understood within the context of the seven‐year accreditation cycle. The standards are interconnected and build upon each other in a cycle of continuous improvement. Design and Function The five Standards for Accreditation are statements …

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More About Accreditation

Once UAS was accredited, we began a schedule of accreditation-related activities known as the seven-year cycle, as well as the constant obligation to abide by the Eligibility Requirements, Standards, and Policies of NWCCU. These activities include: A yearly institutional update report; Scheduled self-study reports in the first, third, and seventh year of the institution’s cycle; …

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April 2019 – Accreditation

A year ago this seemed so far away, but here we are in April and Accreditation is upon us. As a reminder, UAS is scheduled for a site visit by a team of evaluators from Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) on April 24-26, 2019. The University of Alaska southeast has been accredited by the Northwest …

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Budget Advocacy

I know the Governor’s budget is on everyone’s mind this week. Now that we are over the initial shock, you may want to contact your legislator. If you are an employee at a UA school, you need to know the rules in doing this. First the Don’ts: Do not use the University network to send …

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Customer Service

A big part of service is individual accountability. Do you go above and beyond? In one of my all time favorite videos, James Lloyd tells a story of great customer service. I know the story is not in an education based environment, but the principles of customer service he describes here are universal to wherever …

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Late Work from Students?

Do you accept late work from your students? Here is a very recent Facebook Post from a former professor of mine: “Cue that point in the semester where students who neglected to hand in assignments for the past 13.5 weeks want to know what they can do in the next 10 days to get an …

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FLC is Looking for A Few Good Men/Women

istock photo showing Editor

It’s almost time for the Title III team to turn over the reins of the Faculty Learning Corner to Maureen O’Halloran and perhaps a handful of faculty interested in participating in the creative blog authoring process. Our goal in creating this academic blog for UAS was to: Encourage thoughtful dialogue across UA Southeast Build a …

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Faculty Challenge #5: Show Us Your Drawn Characters!

Kathi's stick figures

On Monday’s post we shared information that simple, hand-drawn characters can add a lot to your eLearning class. Today we challenge you to give it a try! Read through Monday’s tutorials if you need some extra help with the creation process. Create a few hand-drawn figures that you might use to: Introduce a topic or …

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Congratulations to ALL Our Players and Our Hotshots!

Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Charla Brown our overall winner and the other 4 Hotshots, Robin Gilcrist, Val Barger, Lee Henrikson and Margie Mete. You will be contacted by Mary to receive your game prize! And regardless of whether you looked at our game site once, joined us in play for a day, a week or made it to the …

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Gamification: The Science and Benefits

Tina found this article published in the eLearning Industry titled “The Science and the Benefits of Gamification in eLearning” by Christopher Pappas. Pappas states that endorphins are released during exercise and mental challenges that not only increase pleasure but also aid in the retention of information. This is one of the benefits of the gamification …

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