Happy Holidays 2021

Cartoon Humpback Whale wearing a Santa Cap

Wow, we made it through another Covid year! I know this has been a tough year, and with omicron I am asking myself, “when will this be over?”

For me, I am trying to go back to basics and be thankful for the many gifts in my life. I think this following two minute video will help you to understand what I mean. Hang in there and have a great break!!

One more piece of news… You may have observed that last weeks posting is missing. The server that houses the Faculty Learning Corner is at “end of life” and is “erroring” more often. So, this may be the last FLC in this format. I am trying to find a replacement vehicle, but it may take a bit to get this set up. So bear with me through this transition, and I hope to be back up and running by end of Spring semester 2022.

I hope you have a terrific Winter break, and thank you for reading the FLC!!