Using Google at UAS – Part 6

Today we finish this series of videos with a look at Google Drive.  Today’s 18 minute video has Traci Taylor, from the UAS Helpdesk, giving us the final installment in how to use Google at UAS. 

Here is a breakdown of this video:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:43 FileShare Items
00:01:31 Starring Items
00:03:04 Priority Items
00:03:44 Folders
00:04:15 Sharing Content
00:05:54 Commenting
00:06:07 Comments Where you Assign to Someone
00:06:33 Assigning Temporary Access
00:07:37 Permissions (Editor/Commenter/ Viewer)
00:11:51 Grackle/Accessibility
00:17:05 Google Drive on Mobile Devices

I hope you gained knowledge about Google, or at least received a few tips out of this video series.

Thanks for continuing to read the Faculty Learning Corner. Have a great weekend and a great Fall break!! I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!