Using Google at UAS – Part 4

In today’s Faculty Learning Corner, we will be continuing our look at Google Mail. Today’s 10 minute video has Traci Taylor, from the UAS Helpdesk, looking into Mail Templates, Scheduling an email, Distribution Lists (Labels), Mail Merge, and connecting to Outlook.

00:00:24 Enabling Templates
00:00:51 G-Mail Templates (If you send a similar email, this saves typing it out every time)
00:02:34 Scheduling E-Mail (Sending a note at a future date or time)
00:03:10 Distribution Lists/Labels (Sending email to a list of recipients)
00:05:08 Mail Merge (Sending a note to a large group, but it’s personalized for each specific recipient)
00:07:51 Outlook (Google and Outlook can talk to each other, so you can use Outlook to get email)

I hope you found something new, or this video answered some questions you may have had.

Thanks for reading the FLC, and remember to contact theĀ UAS Helpdesk if you run into trouble!!! Next week we look at Google calendar!