Using Google at UAS – Part 2

In the video I am sharing with you today, Traci Taylor from the UAS Helpdesk takes us through Centralized Access Management.  We look at the UAS Group Security Manager and how to add and remove people from groups (when you manage a group).  In the second half of this 5 minute video we will concentrate on the Resources page.

Here is a Table of Contents for this video:
00:00:10 Centralized Access of Resources
00:00:29 Group Security Management Link – List of Groups you Manage
00:00:54 Adding / Removing People From a Group
00:01:13 IT Created Google Resources – Managing Resources
00:02:10 UAS Helpdesk Resources Page
00:02:26 Calendar
00:02:47 Fileshare
00:03:15 Shared Mailbox
00:03:46 Distribution Lists
00:04:33 Request Form

Here is a summary (including links that were shown in the video):

  • Centralize Access Management (adding and removing who has access) and data retention has two components:
    • Departmental (easy to manage access) vs individual (have to manually add and remove access to individual documents and folders)
    • Centralize Access Management of groups with Group Security Manager
  • IT Created Google resources (2:11 in the video) includes the following:
    • Departmental or shared email
    • Google Fileshare (drive/workspace)
    • Resource Calendar
    • Distribution list

Next week we will start looking into things you might not know about Google GMail. Have a great weekend and thank you for reading the Faculty Learning Corner!