Creating Great Course Videos

Making low cost, or no cost videos for your course may seem daunting, but with a few tips on creating video, I hope you will feel more comfortable taking this on.  Here is an 11 minute video that gives you information on how to shoot a successful course video.  

In the next video (below), I give you tips on how to shoot a video with just your cell phone.

Zoom logo

You can also use Zoom for a lecture video. You can start a meeting that only you attend, and then hit record…. it’s that easy. You will have use of the whiteboard, and can share your screen if you want to add visuals that are on the internet or your computer. When you are done you will have a recording that you can download as an mp4.

Create a Video With Just Your Cell Phone

The Alaska Folk Festival had a Virtual Festival in 2020, and they sent this video on how to make a video using a cell phone.  All the tips in this outstanding  three and a half minute video can be used by you in creating a educational video for your course.

Putting Your Finished Video On YouTube

Once you’ve created your video, how do your students watch it?  One solution is to place the video on YouTube.  This doesn’t take any room on University servers, and makes your video easy to find.  It also places all your videos in your YouTube Studio which are easy to find (Click on your profile picture and in the pop-up menu scroll to YouTube Studio).   If you’ve never placed an mp4 video on YouTube, here is a quick 3 minute 20 second video that gives you the basics.

Blackboard Logo

When adding your YouTube video to a course, use the “Web Link” option in “Build Content.”  You can use the “YouTube Video Mashup” option, but only if your video is saved as “Public.”

I hope you found these tips to be helpful.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Friday!!