Zoom – How to Update, and How to Personalize a Powerpoint Presentation

We have been using Zoom for a while now, but when is the last time you updated Zoom?  New updates are coming out every month (and sometimes weekly) and you may be missing out on features if you haven’t updated.  One of these features is a personalized Powerpoint presentation, which I will show you below.

But first, let’s update your Zoom.

Now that you have the latest version of Zoom you now have all the latest Zoom tools. One of the newer tools that Zoom has added is the ability to put your live picture into one of your Powerpoint presentations.

The ability to do this will give you a more personalized way to do a Powerpoint presentation, whether it is in a live class situation, or if you are recording a presentation to be embedded.

If you want to embed a recorded Zoom presentation, all you have to do is start the presentation, use the steps in the video below, and record the session. Once you are done, you can download the recording and add that video to your course content.

I hope you enjoyed these Zoom tips. Thanks for reading the Faculty Learning Corner!