The New Blackboard Content Editor

At the same time UAS went to Blackboard SaaS (the cloud version of Bb), we were updated with a new content editor. Here is a quick two minute video to tell you about some of the changes, and also a chart to help you find your favorite tools, as compared to the old content editor.

Notable things to watch out for:

There are two issues with the content editor that I need you to be aware of.

  1. The spellchecker needs to be enabled after text is written. It is no longer automatically “on.” Once you have finished adding text, click on the “ABC button” to do a spell check.
Please be aware that Blackboard's Content Editor recently changed and, while it has a large number of new and enhanced features, the spell check feature must now be enabled after text is written.
  1. There is an issue with the Preview button. The Preview button doesn’t actually show how things will look after submitting them. For example, if you hit the enter bar to go to the next line, the Preview button shows a single space, but after you submit, the actual post is double spaced. You cannot count on the Preview button to show you exactly what you will see when you hit the submit button.

    This is a known issue at Blackboard, so should be fixed in an update.
Picture of the Blackboard content editor, showing where the Preview icon is.

Detailed comparison for tools

Below is a comparison between the old content editor and the new content editor. An accessible version, that you can download, can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Additional changes and notes

  • To improve accessibility and mobile use, windows are now overlay modals instead of new windows.
  • To help maintain academic integrity, the feature to convert links into playable embedded media is disabled during test-taking so helpful resources can’t be viewed in a test if a locked-down browser is being used. Similarly, links can’t be opened when authoring.
  • The editor size will automatically scale on the page to fit the content. To edit a large amount of content and pin the toolbar to the top, use the full screen mode.

I hope this helps you to understand the new content editor. Let the CELT team know of any issues you might be having. Thank you for reading the FLC. Have a great weekend!