The Mystery Box – with JJ Abrams

Today I thought something lighter might be good. With so many stressors in our lives right now, sometimes it is good to step back and just be entertained. But because this is a “learning” site, I wanted to give you something to think about also. I think this video accomplishes both. It’s an opportunity to look a bit deeper into yourself and perhaps unlock hidden potential.

Our lives are filled with mystery. In this 18 minute video, director, producer, and screenwriter, JJ Abrams (Lost, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Star Wars VII, Star Wars IX), takes us through the mystery of life – the unexpected turns and the meaningful moments – as he reminisces about the “mystery box” he got at a magic store when he was a kid.

Mysteries in our lives equal infinite possibility, infinite hope, infinite potential, and gives us greater imagination. This is important because everything that we do in life we think about first. We need to go beyond basic knowledge, and have some unknowns to enrich our lives.

As JJ Abrams says in the Ted Talk, “Look inside yourself and figure out what is inside you.” Our potential increases as we get to know ourselves better, and accept ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed this FLC. Stay safe and sane and I’ll see you next week!