14 Seminars For Job Seekers

The UAS Sitka campus Title III Complete to Compete grant program has a series of Zoom seminars for job seekers. They are for new college graduates, current college students, or anyone considering a job change or looking for work.

The presenter of the first eight is Deborah Rydman, Career Services Coordinator/VA School Certifying Official for the University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau campus.  The additional six were produced by the Title III staff with speakers.  

Each presentation is approximately one hour in length.  Just click on the title to access the seminar.

Social Media and Your Job Search – It’s a known fact that social media plays a part when it comes to vetting a new potential employee.

References 101 – References can be confusing at times…how many, what is considered an acceptable reference for an employer? How do you ask for and get references.

Mastering the Art of Starting a New Job – What should you do to position yourself well during the first six months of what is usually the probationary period?

Job Search Strategies – Join us as we review strategies and resources, including websites for remote/virtual jobs that will optimize your job search and make it more productive.

 Internships & Volunteering – Gateway to the Workplace- Internships and volunteering experience on a student’s resume are highly valued by potential employers.

Resumes & Cover Letters – How do you choose what type of resume to write? We’ll make it simple for you and will also show you how to increase your odds of making it through that very first screening.

Virtual Interviews – How to Prepare: Face to face, in-person interviews are not the norm right now in light of COVID-19, but employers are still hiring and interviewing candidates.

Creating your Networking – For those interested in learning networking skills and launching your professional network.

Job Success – Learn about communication, teamwork, and time management… or get a refresher in time for the new year!

Work Life Balance – This workshop was live streamed and recorded at UAS Sitka Campus and features speakers as well as audience interactions. It covers stress management, mindfulness, and healthy ways to break up the work day.

Diversity and inclusion in the Work Place – This session talks about how to make a more inclusive environment for colleagues, students, customers, and volunteers.

Female Leadership Panel This session is a recording of a live panel event featuring University of Alaska Fairbanks faculty Sarah Stanley, PhD. Panelists include Alana Peterson (Executive Director, Spruce Root), Beck Meiers (General Manager, KCAW Sitka), Dani Snyder (Fire Captain, Sitka Fire Department), Tracy Sylvester (Commercial Fisherman & Vessel Owner; Fishery Conservation Network Coordinator, Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association), and Trish White (Vice President, White’s Inc.).

College to Career Panel Discussion – A panel of Sitkan community leaders speak about their experiences moving from education into their careers.

Introduction to Marketing yourself on Social Media – Define your audience, schedule posts strategically, and master branding basics with entrepreneur Caitlin Way, multi business owner.

For more information contact Audrey Beam ajbeam@alaska.edu or call (907) 747-7785.

Here is the link to the playlist that includes all 14 seminars. You can choose from the list of videos in the collection by clicking on the thumbnail image on the right side of the screen:     https://tinyurl.com/c2cCareer 

Thank you for reading the FLC. See you next week!