Improving Video Content

Today’s Faculty Learning Corner comes out of a video blog by Ant Pugh entitled “How Jimi Hendrix Will Improve Your Training.”  The video (below) is less than 4 minutes. 

I also need to tell you that he uses a clip from the movie “White Men Can’t Jump,” which contains explicit language.

Warning – Explicit Language

What I like about this video, is that it is packed with information on how to communicate effectively in your course. Some of the points to think about are:

  • We want the student to do more than just listen and regurgitate information. We want them to connect to our lessons and internalize the message.
  • We want our message to stir something inside our learners, and make them think from a different perspective.
  • What we may want to do is to give the student all the information we have, telling the learner everything they need to hear. Instead we need to concentrate on the frequency, and the way we deliver, the message. (Only give them the “need to know” information and skip the “nice to know” information.)
  • You don’t need to be totally scripted – an informal approach can work better. The listener is more likely to “hear” what you say, rather than just “listen” when you take a more informal delivery style.
  • Talk to your learners in a conversational and natural tone.

As you start the Summer semester, and begin building Fall courses, remember to make them real and engaging. If you are having trouble, please contact your instructional designer. They are there to help you to get where you want to go.

Thanks for reading the Faculty Learning Corner. Have a great weekend!