Watch Out For Scam E-Mail

In this new work from home world I am sure you are getting emails for education programs and software that looks like it may be great for your courses.  Please remain vigilant regarding possible scams from links that appear to come from vendors.  I want you to be aware that some are trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 situation.

Also be vigilant about emails you receive from vendors offering limited-time free access to their resources.  As you have probably noticed, offers are probably coming in daily.  Most offers are probably legitimate, but also ask yourself if the software or product is needed. 

Another thing to ask is if you want to be adding different elements to your course at this time.  This might be overwhelming to students who are trying to keep up through the changes we have faced.  If you are looking for new content now, or for the future, I have a better solution for you.

A Solution – OERs

If you are interested in making changes to your courses in the future, and as an alternative to platforms from vendors, remember to look to those Open Educational Resources (OER).  They are always free, or very affordable.

If you have time to look, this might be a great opportunity to consider OER and tools that will continue to be free to students through the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Take a look at the Egan Library website for more information on OERs!!  Click this link for more information – OPEN UAS

I hope your remote teaching is going well, and I’ll have another FLC for you soon! Thanks for reading!