11. Voice Principle

Last week we looked at the Personalization Principle, and found that a speaker with a conversational style will have more impact on learning than a formal style presentation.  Today we are going to dive into this a bit more with the voice principle.  The Voice Principle means that we learn more deeply when being spoken to in a friendly human voice than a machine voice.

It also means to not speak as if you are a machine.  Do you remember the following teacher from the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”

“Anyone, anyone” (1:15)

A friendly human voice conveys the idea that someone is speaking directly to you, and because of this, gives you a sense of social presence.  In related studies it was shown that humans are “wired for speech” and that even getting a “bored” human voice could negatively affect how well the students learn.

This was number 11 of our 12 part series.  Next week we will conclude with the Image Principle.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on Multimedia Principles.  Have a very Happy Thankgiving and thanks for reading!! Enjoy the long weekend!

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