Commencement 2019

We made it through another year, including accreditation. As we look forward to the celebration of our Graduates tonight (and this weekend), it is time to reflect and ask ourselves what worked and what didn’t work this year. This summer will be a great time to do a follow up evaluation that goes beyond Summative and Formative assessment.

Confirmative Evaluation” is a “follow-up” evaluation and is based in the thinking that evaluation of instruction needs to be continuous. Where formative assessment is to improve instruction (“How are we doing?”), and summative assessment is for judging effectiveness after completion (“How did we do?”), confirmative assessment is for examining training effects over time, and is done some time after the completion of instruction (“How are we still doing?”).

Some questions that you might ask are:

  • Do learners continue to perform successfully over time?
  • Do materials still meet their original objectives?
  • How can student’s needs be best met over time?
  • If improvements are needed in training or materials, how can they be made most effective?
  • If the instruction isn’t working as well as it did originally, what are the reasons?
  • Should the instruction be continued as is?
  • Should it be revised?
  • Should it be terminated?
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This type of evaluation measures if you are sufficiently addressing any issues you are facing in your classes, and helps you to strengthen and prepare future offerings. It’s a way to look at the “forest” rather than concentrating on the “trees,.” and is a great way to find continued success!

Speaking of continued success and strengthening of material, I am already planning for next year’s FLC and I believe it will be better than ever!!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great Summer, and I’ll see you in the Fall!!!