More About Accreditation

Once UAS was accredited, we began a schedule of accreditation-related activities known as the seven-year cycle, as well as the constant obligation to abide by the Eligibility Requirements, Standards, and Policies of NWCCU.

These activities include:

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  • A yearly institutional update report;
  • Scheduled self-study reports in the first, third, and seventh year of the institution’s cycle;
  • Any additional reports requested by the Board of Commissioners; and,
  • Reporting any changes that fall under the Commission’s Substantive Change Policy.

Throughout the seven-year cycle, UAS is reviewed by NWCCU staff, teams of peer evaluators, and the Board of Commissioners in order to be sure that the institution is improving any problem areas, is still an effective school, offers a high-quality education, and is working to fulfill its mission.

The current accreditation has a focus on “Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability.” See our Mission Statement Below:

UAS Mission - Student learning enhanced by faculty scholarship, undergraduate research and creative activities, community engagement, and the cultures and environment of Southeast Alaska.

The process of becoming and staying accredited is explained in much more detail in the Accreditation Handbook. You are welcome to download a PDF copy of the NWCCU Accreditation Handbook.
Download the Accreditation Handbook.

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