Are you looking for a “simple to use” video communication tool that can enhance teacher to student, and student to student presence? FlipGrid might be the tool you’re looking for.

FlipGrid Logo and link to the Educator's Guide

FlipGrid is easy to use, and it’s Free!!! You can set the topic and then your students can respond in a video message that is up to 90 seconds long. They can either record a message or upload a message, and they can add an outside link to their message if needed.

To demonstrate, I wanted to let you try it out. I have set up a FlipGrid and recorded a video. Now you can go in and record your own. Just give us a little information about yourself – your name, where you work, and something that people might not know about you. Then record. If you mess up, don’t worry, you can re-record easily.

Here’s the link to our test FlipGrid –

The Password is Test2019 (Passwords are optional, but I wanted to try using one.)

Once you get there, tap the green circle with the white cross to record your message, or tap one of the many (hopefully not just mine) boxes to hear the messages.

Did I mention that FlipGrid is free?!? If you want to know more click this link for the Educator’s Guide to FlipGrid .

Here is more information:

I hope you leave a FlipGrid message, and thanks for visiting (and subscribing) to the Faculty Learning Corner. Have a great weekend!