Budget Advocacy

I know the Governor’s budget is on everyone’s mind this week. Now that we are over the initial shock, you may want to contact your legislator. If you are an employee at a UA school, you need to know the rules in doing this.

Street Signs with a Dollar sign and the word Budget

First the Don’ts:

  • Do not use the University network to send an email
  • Do not use University facilities or resources to have partisan gatherings (unless there is payment for the use)
  • Do not use University resources to reproduce or distribute material (Do not use University paper, letterhead, copier, etc.)
  • Do not display or distribute political material while engaged on official business.

The Do’s:

  • You can host a debate as long as all parties are invited as a public service
  • You can invite a candidate to a class to address the matter, but only if it is related to the class being taught
  • An authorized student club can use their funds to host a partisan gathering on campus or participate in a partisan event
  • You can inform legislators, candidates and the public about University priorities, requested budgets, positions, programs, and/or research activities, but only if you are a University spokesperson or UA advocate
  • You can stand at a corner on campus during your lunch hours waving a partisan sign.

Again, UA employees may not use, or permit the use of UA email or other UA property or resources for partisan political purposes. 

You can use your own computer and private e-mail account to send a note to your legislator about the budget, and I encourage you to do this. Stay positive and show how the University benefits the state. Personal opinion is fine, but fact based arguments work better, such as, in FY2015 the University system generated $1.1 Billion in economic activity, and how 95% of residents see the University as as very important or important to the State . (https://www.alaska.edu/files/opa/UA-Economics-and-Public-Perceptions-Report-Final.pdf)

UA Advocacy Information Sheet

Click the following links to find your legislators:

Thanks for reading the FLC and have a great weekend!!