Accessibility – Designing for users with low vision

Here is the third of 6 posters which are focused on Accessibility.

Today’s poster is:

Designing for users with low vision


  • use good contrasts and a readable font size
  • publish all information on web pages (HTML)
  • use a combination of colour, shapes and text
  • follow a linear, logical layout -and ensure text flows and is visible when text is magnified to 200%
  • put buttons and notifications in context


  • use low colour contrasts and small font size
  • bury information in downloads
  • only use colour to convey meaning
  • spread content all over a page -and force user to scroll horizontally when text is magnified to 200%
  • separate actions from their context


View poster for low vision


The posters being shared are created by Karwai Pun and are from  There are currently six posters in the series and are general guidelines when it comes to the “do’s and don’ts” of accessibility.

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