Accessibility – Designing for users of screen readers

Here is the second of 6 posters which are focused on Accessibility.  (Poster 1 was last Friday, so if you didn’t see it, go back and take a look!)

Today’s poster is:

Designing for users of screen readers


  • describe images and provide transcripts for video
  • follow a linear, logical layout
  • structure content using HTML5
  • build for keyboard use only
  • write descriptive links and heading – for example, Contact us


  • only show information in an image or video
  • spread content all over a page
  • rely on text size and placement for structure
  • force mouse or screen use
  • write uninformative links and heading – for example, Click Here



View poster for screen readers


The posters being shared are created by Karwai Pun and are from  There are currently six posters in the series and are general guidelines when it comes to the “do’s and don’ts” of accessibility.

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