VoiceThread 5 of 5

Last One!!!  Here is the 5th of the 5 part series.  In this episode we look at “Advanced Skills” such as integrating Google Drive, changing the speed of auditory comments, and changing text size of text comments.  It also looks at changing presentation settings, and much, much more!


This video is about 34 minutes long, so watch in it multiple sittings, or skim through the whole video and then come back to sections to refresh your knowledge as needed.

Here is a list showing the start times of each section.  Just go to the time listed below, and that will take you directly to that section in the video.

Beginning – Intro to Video

0:43 – Cover Art (and VT Review)

4:56 – Adding to/ Merging VoiceThread Presentations

8:37 – Google Drive Integration

10:31 – Adding a Video File

13:08 – Speeding Up / Slowing Down Comments

14:17 – Resizing Text Comments

15:11 – Accessibility-Editing Closed Caption Files

18:41 – Searching for a Comment

19:40 – Changing Comment Methods

21:21 – Changing Presentation Settings

22:48 – Display Preferences and Languages

24:25 – Allowing Students to add slides to the VoiceThread

26:15 – Video Commenting

28:08 – Notifications

30:34 – Public Browse Page and Training Menu

Thanks for watching this series of videos, and Happy VoiceThreading!!